Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd

Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd

General Info

Location Duxin industry zone, Ducheng town,Gao an City,Jiangxi Province., Yichun, Jiangxi, China


Jiangxi Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd produce centrifugal water pump,we have CDL,CDLF series,CHL,CHLF series stainless steel pump,can be used as ro booster pump, <a href="http://www.jxgllpump.com/non-negative-pressure-water-supply-equipment-16-12-101-2-p00291p1.html"> shower pump </a>,fire pump,coolant pump,aquarium water pump and so on,we also supply cast iron pump,they are WQ series dewatering pumps,dirty water pump and GD series pipeline pump.
Gelaili pump industry co.,ltd supplies you competitive price and high quality products.

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