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What are the Positive Side-effects of Keto Diet?
The common advantages of keto includes continuous and increased weight-loss, smoother skin, prevention of diabetes, prevention of all types of cancer, Alzeimer’s Disease, improved blood chemistry, prevents epilepsy seizures, improves mental focus, provides 3x more energy, better longevity and many more.
Is Keto Diet Safe?
Yes it is very safe as long as it is properly administered by a Keto Coach.Keto diet is a safe and natural way to lose weight. Our website offers the KetonX drink that helps you achieve the ketosis stage faster in a matter of one hour.
Are You a Fan of these Celebrities on Ketogenic Diet?

Halle Berry - Hollywood actress, a mother of two kids and beauty icon. Halle Berry also practices ketogenic diet to keep her Type 1 diabetes controlled.

Korina Sanchez - A famous filipina TV host personality, mentioned in her Instagram account and in her TV Program Rated K about adopting the ketogenic diet as part of her way of life.

Kim Kardashian - A fashion icon, actress, a mother and a famous reality-show actress has mentioned she lost 75 pounds on keto diet and that she loves to eat protein like salmon and green veggies while banning starchy foods and sugar.

Vanessa Hudgens - A US teen actress and half-filipino, has embraced the ketogenicdiet lifestyle. She further stated that keto made her feel fuller longer while her body burns the high-fat intake and use it to fuel her with more energy.

Lebron James - A famous Cleveland Cavalier NBA basketball player, has been one of the most vocal athletes who has joined the ranks of ketogenic diet. Athletes like Lebron James and others has used the keto diet as a way to improve their athletic performance.

Nonito Donaire - A well renowned Filipino boxer, Donaire gave credit for his last win against Jessie Magdaleno last November. 2016. The keto diet gave him added energy since he has been practicing the regimen for 8 months as to date and the results has impressed him.

Joe Devance - A PBA Forward of Ginebra Kings is also on ketogenic diet as he has mentioned in his twitter account. Devance lost 12 lbs in a matter of one week as he undergoes on a strict ketogenic diet.

KetonX, your first step to ketosis!

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