India's Largest Custom Made Rugs Carpets

India's Largest Custom Made Rugs Carpets

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Location 4 Ayat Road, Himmatpur Bakuchia. Bhadohi - 221401,Uttar Pradesh, India, New York, New York, United States


Saif Carpets Pvt Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Handmade Woolen , Cotton & Viscose carpets, Textile items such as Cushions , Poufs , Bathmats , Throws. The family business of Carpets goes way back to 1925 & Saif Carpets was established in 1995 . We are leading exporter of carpets to several destinations across the world. Located in Uttar Pradesh, The heartland of India, We take pride in carrying the rich legacy of our forefathers who had founded the business of hand crafted carpets to present to the world the excellent creations of the local craftsmen and weavers who excelled in hand woven textile products for home use.

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