We are looking for Social Media Evaluators! 


Are you frustrated by inaccurate claims that spread through Social Media? Do you want to help improve the quality of information shared online? This project aims to do just that! 
Help us improve the quality of information shared in social media. This project engages you  to research and evaluate claims made in various pieces of social media content (e.g., articles, links, photos, or videos). 
Requirements for Project Uolo EN-US: 
• Minimum of 20 working hours per week (flexible)  
• Active Facebook account  
• Has an Android/IOS Smartphone  
Interested? Kindly click the link below to apply: 
Steps on how to register on our website: 
1. Select United States of America as your country. After clicking ‘Next’ Choose Spanish as your primary language and United States of America as your dialect. You can also add another language if you are speaking more than Spanish (Optional).  
2. Complete all the needed details to create your account.  
*Once your account has been created and passed the screening process, kindly go to ‘All Projects’ tab. Look for project ‘Uolo EN-US’ and click ‘Learn More’ button on the right side to start your qualification for the project. 
Do not miss this opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing global team for the world’s top Internet search engine companies! 
You can also share this to your family and friends who are interested. 
Thank you and we hope to work with you soon

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