Paper bag machine manufacturers

Make brand new automatic paper bag making machine having mouth drum, ball bearing type, high speed heavy duty, automatic roller drive system. Paper bags are a need of grocers, textile and cloth merchants, dry cleaners, sweets and other vendors etc. Due to some Districts rules advantages are particularly lower price.The machines' operation is monitored by an automatic sensor control system comprising of five sensors. The sensors continuously monitor the production process and stops the machine if the paper cup is not released, wallpaper not present, bottom paper not present or if the finished paper bag are not removed beyond a specific count. This system helps in reducing the wastage and bag rejection. In the event of any malfunction during the production process, the machine will be automatically switched off. This system ensures the longevity of the machine components. Contact for more info.


Country: India

State: Kerala

City: Kodungallur

Address: Anapurna, Sreenarayanapuram, Uttenkatis, Methala,

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Abhishek Sharma