M2 Surgical Laser System—— Designed for Expectation

Technical Specifications: Wavelength: 980nm 1470nm Power: 30-60W 20W Aiming Beam: 650nm < 2mW Fiber Connection: 400um and 600um Fiber with SMA905 connector operating Modes: Continuous Wave(CW) / Pulsed Power Supply: 100 ~220 VAC,400VA, 50/60 Hz Dimensions (L*W*H): 290mm * 232mm * 151mm Weight: 7KG NW Applications: ENT Precision Microsurgery Endovenous Laser Therapy Nail Fungus Lipolysis Proctology Gynaecology Orthopedics (PLDD) Why you Can Expect from PIOON ? Unique Customized medical Laser module achieve controllability一Technology and Cost. Patented intelligent hardware control system. The liquid cooling system ensures stable and continuous power delivery. World's First to combine the medical laser with intelligent operation system. Recognized as the Top OEM provider in the industry worldwide. The 1470nm and 980nm can be selected individually or blended together. What you Can Expect from PIOON ? 1470nm 25W max in CW mode for versatile treatment. Treatment data storage,patient data storage. International standard laser connector meets the connection of all mainstream accessories. Self-developed radial fiber brings effective clinical performance and affordable expense. Nature-touched LCD contributes to easy and rapid set-up. Hardly maintenance required. Clinical tutorial videos and training provided. 5 years warranty for laser module. Expected Price. Original manufacturer of laser accessories guarantees the fee for each procedure. Contact Info: Pioon Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. 3rd Floor, Zhiye Building, Great Wall Innovative Science Park,wuhan, 430223, China Tel:+862781783687 sales@pioon.com http://www.pioon.com


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