Pet Macaw Parrot Birds Species on Sale

We are breeders of macaw parrot species that we transform into loving pet birds. Below is the list of macaw species we breed and ship worldwide. Blue and Gold Macaws Catalina Macaws Scarlet Macaws Hyacinths Macaws Capri Macaws Harlequin Macaw Hahn Macaws Flame macaws Calico Macaws Military macaws Green Wing macaws We also have fertile eggs for the macaws we breed and we ship our eggs in auto regulated incubators. We are currently giving discounts on all macaws bought in pairs and a free cage. We are interested only starter and loving families who love macaw birds as themselves. Get back to us with your selection of macaws and your detailed address, phone for the delivery to your location since we ship worldwide. You can reach us directly with your feed back at Telephone: +237 (0) 680-653156 (Whatsapp) Email:


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