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Dinstar GSM / VoIP gateways allow you to connect a SIP-based IP PBX or VoIP line directly to a GSM cellular network, which can significantly reduce the cost of mobile calls by using the lowest mobile-to-mobile tariffs. However, the cost of such a solution is hardly justified, since cheap GoIP gateways can perform the main function of redirecting calls from VoIP networks to GSM.

This GSM Gateway is a unique professional termination solution for voice calls, which can significantly reduce the cost of international calls and keep them at the same rate as local calls. Customers can choose the separate structure of the gateway and equip it with the required number of GSM channels (from 2 to 30). Romanian manufacturer Topex produces GSM VoIP gateways suitable for efficient call termination. The GSM VoIP gateway is designed to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with an affordable fixed-line-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed-line alternative.

The GSM gateway equipment is subject to the UK Wireless Telegraphy Act and can legally be used by any company to send SMS to its customers or potential customers when using the gateway equipment. They convert the cellular connection to SIP and provide a trunk connection to the VoIP PBX. Using a GSM VoIP gateway will improve your business, increase efficiency and reduce communication costs, and bring quality and experience to a new level. Use the latest Chinese manufacturing technology to upgrade your electrical products and buy from these trusted suppliers. In a market where multiple GSM operators provide GSM services, the ability to use 4 SIM cards in the Top GSM gateway is very important. Here you can buy GoIP GSM Gateway, which will be your best choice for traffic terminal business.

GSM network and network for making or answering GSM calls through the GP-63x gateway. Using flexible SMS APIs, gateway providers in the United States can integrate SMS services into their systems for optimal functionality. SMS centers include wireless networks that handle forwarding, routing archive, and other SMS gateway operations to ensure that messages are delivered to the target cell phone. The SMS gateway also allows computers, email, or any other device to send and receive bulk text messages on a large scale, making it suitable for businesses around the world.


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